Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Swimming Lessons Recount

Hi my name is Christina and I am learning about Swimming lessons.It is important to learn swimming lessons in the pool. Because whenever you're around water you might drowned and that you need to learn how to swim.So my swimming lessons teacher Jess told us to sit down two hands on the side keep your two hands there and twice your body and hop in the pool.So at swimming lesson we learned about Water Safety rules and one of them was like when you're in a boat you can use something long like a stick to check if the water is deep. But if the sick or something you're using that is long to put in the water and if it can’t touch the ground that means it is to deep. One of the skills were back stropping, float on your back,stomach up,and head down.The only swimming lesson skill was back stropping because it is easy to do. I would like to thank my teachers,Jess and Miss Va’afusuaga and Mr Burt.I had so much fun.

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