Wednesday, 14 February 2018

How to prevent yourself from Getting sick

 How to prevent yourself from  
              Getting sick

Introduction:We all get sick for a reason and because germs from your bodies is spreading across the planet.
You need to keep yourself clean and healthy,and always where a hat when it is a sunny day and always have sunscreen so you don’t get skin cancer so look after you skin.Skin cancer can appear anywhere on your own body.

Idea 1. Keep yourself fresh and clean so you don’t give any germs to other people that you touched because they will spread your germs to other people to.

Idea 2.Keep our earth fresh and clean so polluted doesn't spread on countries to another so people don’t get sick.

Idea 3.If you are sick you need medicine to help you get over it because if you don’t have medicine you will need someone to look after you and drinks lots of water.

When your about to sneeze,sneeze on your elbow because if you sneeze then touch devices people will come and touch the same devices that you touched they well get germs from you, and like other people they sneeze on their hands and give germs to there self's. So make sure you always wash your hands and keep yourself clean everyday.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Writing Plan

On October 16th Term 4 started everybody was back to school.Everybody had their uniforms on and some looked different than before.The second bell rang everybody went in there class lines and went to our new Term 4 assembly.

When everybody went in the hall everybody was surprised because the theme for Term 4 was MUSICAL MADNESS.I was so excited to see what all the Teams were doing.It was almost finish last Team Team 5.

’’YaY!’’ it’s finish all the other teams acting was so amazing and funny too.Team 1 did How music makes you feel,Team 2 was make songs with different instruments,Team 3 telling stories with songs,and our Team Team 4 was how to make car rides fun,Team 5 watching one movie with different songs.

The assembly finish everybody went back to their classroom and I was still thinking about the funny thing. that happened at the assembly.

Walt: structure and write a recountWalt: use interesting and specific vocabulary 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Christina Guardians of the Galaxy

Christina Guardians of the Galaxy from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This is about two astronaut's trying to help the world by going into space to see if anybody can live on a planet.