Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Can He Save Her

On one sunny morning Jordin woke up and felt a strange feeling that something bad was going to happen.Then Jordin walked to the living room and sat down and turned on the TV and watched the news she saw Harley Quinn putting bombs all over the people in the bank.Jordin felt so excited to defeat her old annoying anime.

When she got there she looked shocked evering thing was destroyed around the bank Harley Quinn walked up to her and said ’’Hi Jordin nice to see your stupid rope and ugly costume’’ said Harley Jordin felt so happy because she was to easy to defeat.Then Harley showed the button to Jordin then Jordin flyed so and punch harley on the stomach very hard and got the button and broke it.

Everybody was saved Harley Quinn went to jail Jordin was happy but after 3 months something bad happened someone came and saved Harley Quinn in jail the that saved Harley Quinn was the Joker.