Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christina Museum Trip

Last Friday it was a special day and it was our Museum Trip today ’’Harray’’. I was so excited because I was the only one going I was going with my class room 11/12. Suddenly the bus came and took us to the Museum so we can see dinosaurs bones.

 When we got to the Museum we got into groups and I was in Miss Squires group and I was ready to go inside. When we got inside it was so beautiful and big but we have to go sit down on the ground. After that we met a person and his name was Josh he works at the Museum. He told us rules and the rules was no running,no shouting, and no to touching anything until we are allowed.
Screenshot 2015-12-09 at 09.45.18.png

 When he finished talking we went to eat our morning tea.When we finish our morning tea we have to sit an wait.After that we have a paper that has our names on it because we can look for stuff is in it. First we went to the Encounter. We have to look for 10 photo. After that we have go on 5 things.
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 When we finish we went outside and ate our lunch. When we finish our lunch we did roly polys.

 My favourite part was when we were playing roly polys and looking for the stuff that was on the paper.When the bus came back we went back to school put our bags away and went and play.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Christina spikeosaurs

  Christina dinosaur

Spikeosaurs was a dinosaur that lived 85 million years ago in the Cretaceous Period and it was a carnivore.  It is called a Spikeosaurs because it has spikes all over itself so it can protect any dinosaur from danger.

Spikeosaurs has sharp claws like a lion, spikes as a knife, and the same tail like a Stegosaurs.

It has a small head like a troodon with spikes and the eyes colours is yellow.The teeth is sharp as a shark bite, bite, bite.

The Troodon neck has sharps spikes all over and the colour spikes are green and the top ones are grey and the tail is the same colour.