Thursday, 1 September 2016

PES Olympics wheelbarrow race

PES Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!

Today I walked into class and I saw a wheelbarrow I wondered what are we going to do today. So when the second
bell rang our teacher told us to line up outside  and walk to the breeze.So when we were in the breeze our teacher said to sit on the stone and  we are going to race  and I was so so nervous and I had butterfly in my tummy  .

During the race it was quite hard to stay on our hands  and quite hard walking on our hands when the girls had their  turn when the boys counted down-5 -4-3-2-1-go! When we started all the girls started falling instead of crawling it was really funny .

Our teacher was cheating because it was UNFAIR but It was pretty cool watching our teacher driving the people that was in the wheelbarrow because they were going really fast.But we were just using it for technology and it was so cool.

My feelings about the cheating: Jealous,crazy,mad,cross,stink and outrageous.