Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Animal race

8bd1b8b02e9cb633adb1d789dd4588c6.jpgOne day there was a Wonderful Lion and a girl name Christina.They were best friends and they loved playing hide and seek.But after two weeks they went past a Horse and a girl the lion and Christina ran up to them and said ’’Hey what is your name’’said Christina they turned around and said ’’ My name is Hazel and I am very friendly What is your name“ said the girl.’’My name is Christina do you want to be friends’’ said Christina. ’’Yes’’ said the girl.

When they were friends they love having race's.When they loved having race’s they have know idea who is winning.Soon they saw and Easter egg house and they saw a Easter bunny the Easter bunny went close to them and said ’’can I race’’ said the Easter bunny. Yes said the horse. Then they came to the track the we said 3…...2……..1…….GO!!  They ran and ran as fast as they could just like the story of the gingerbread man. When they ran it looked like the Easter bunny was going to win but after the horse beat it then the lion passed both of them then they all passed at the finish line and it looked like a tie Christina took a photo and then it was a tie. They all tried their best and now they are going to look for other animals to race in the 2017.

                                                             THE END

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Athletics Day 2016

Last week on Friday the 11th of November 2016 Pt England School had their Athletics day. Everybody was so nervous even I was.

When we were at our Athletics we had house team colours. I was sad because in our team keeps losing because we only have a little and I hate it but I still have fun.The house colours were Yellow the best colour that always win,Blue,Green, and the last win and that I am in Red.

The activity that I did was higher jump because I tried really hard to go over it.But when I went I did good but when I came to the high part I always missed.But I came 2nd.

My Favourite part was Javelin because I tried my best.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Into the cave

After two weeks there were three people,they came from a little town.There was to a girl and two boys,their names was Sam,Jake and Lucy.They were a family they were always happy together.But soon there town got poor and it felt like they have been attacked.but soon the three people went to find help.

After they went to find help they search and search they still could it find help. Then they found a huge hole it looked like a T-rex smelly mouth.Soon they could see something they could see a house ’’come on guys let’s go’’ said Jake ’’but how do we get down’’ said Lucy there stairs said Sam.So they went running to the staris like they were going to chase a little kid running with there money.When they got to the house it became a town.They were so happy then they saw water they ran after it and the were so happy.

Soon it started to rain then soon the rain was starting to make a flood.Everybody scream they were afraid.So the only way is to swim out into the big hole.When they went to swim out everybody they were all safe.’’So everybody follow us said Sam.The people from the town followed Sam and when they saw there poor town they were all happy because they all wanted to make friends. So the next day they made amazing things. Then the poor people was so so happy.

Monday, 17 October 2016

The Little Boat

One year ago there were two men’s and they were big brothers. One was Jack and the other brother was Jake they both have the same letter at the start of their name.They were crazy but there family still love them.They lived in tonga then Jack said to his mother, ’’,We are going fish then’’ then there mother said, ’’,ok but be back at sunset’’ so of they went.

When they went fish they they were singing happy songs and even they were singing Row row row your boat for an one day.But then they crash into a rock well a that not that big.Then there look around they stop singing then they heard a sound BANG! A strike of lightning.They were scared they Jack saw a storm than Jake saw a lots of lightning like maybe ten. Then Jack see something in the water then ’’shark’’ he said in a small voice SHARK ATTACK! ahhhhhhhhhhh!.Of they went rowing home super fast for one day.

Soon when they have been rowing all way home they were tired from rowing.Then they jumped up and they were so happy then they celebrated for coming back because there family was so scared because they have been crying and wait for them to come back.  

Thursday, 1 September 2016

PES Olympics wheelbarrow race

PES Olympics Wheelbarrow Race!

Today I walked into class and I saw a wheelbarrow I wondered what are we going to do today. So when the second
bell rang our teacher told us to line up outside  and walk to the breeze.So when we were in the breeze our teacher said to sit on the stone and  we are going to race  and I was so so nervous and I had butterfly in my tummy  .

During the race it was quite hard to stay on our hands  and quite hard walking on our hands when the girls had their  turn when the boys counted down-5 -4-3-2-1-go! When we started all the girls started falling instead of crawling it was really funny .

Our teacher was cheating because it was UNFAIR but It was pretty cool watching our teacher driving the people that was in the wheelbarrow because they were going really fast.But we were just using it for technology and it was so cool.

My feelings about the cheating: Jealous,crazy,mad,cross,stink and outrageous.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Maths Problem Solving

Winning gold

I am in the Rio Olympics games and the people cheering to the person next to me who won a shine gold medal. I was so happy that my family was crying with their happy tears sliding down.Soon BANG the  fireworks came with magnificent colours and I felt like the was a rainbow around me.

I was so proud at my self and my people who cheered for me.the people that was next to me was smile and so I smile to.So I stood there a person came and put a silver meadal on me.

Investigation report bike doping

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

NZ Olympic Mascot

Hi my name is Ferns the kiwi I am a New Zealand mascot, I come from Auckland and love to play sports.I will always supports New Zealand.

I love doing higher jump at other schools with kids when they have athletics.But  my favourite thing that I like to do is Walk on mud with my dirty smelly gum boots.

My mission is to win a gold medal and become a champion.I want to be a champion at the Rio Olympics games and be friends with Wenlock and and Vinicius.

Friday, 12 August 2016

My NZ Olympic Mascot

Walt: Discuss what we have read by finding key information and using the things we already know.
Walt: Explore what makes New Zealand unique and special. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

20 metre egg sprint

Introduction- Who,where,what,when
1  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
2  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:
At Monday at Pt england school morning  Room 9  went to the park and do the 20 metre egg race because that is the new olympic game.

Describing our egg - draw on ideas,name,country
2  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
3  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:
So our teacher gave us an buddy and it was an egg so we can race and have fun.So first we had to decorate it,so my buddy had a smily face, cerliy hair, had a coat on her and the name was Charlese and she came from Nouth Afica.

Start our race
2  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
3  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:
When we were finish decorating our egg our teacher gave us a spon we began to race but before that people cracked their egg.So we were ready our  teacher said, ’’,Go’’ so some people walk some people ran and cracked there egg and then all of us went to the end of the park and went back and our hole class won.

What was your favourite part
1  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
1  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:

My favourite part was having the 20m egg race.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Making Tidy Tens

WALT: add & subtract by making tidy tens. WALT: use basic facts to add and subtract tens. WALT: listen to instructions and complete routines.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

We are the Champions

We are the Champions

Immersion Assembly:
Who, what, where & when?
1  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
2  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:
Finally the holidays are over and we're back to school I was almost late for school and the assembly was going to start and my class and the other classes is or ready line up but then I thought what was our theme this term.

What is the theme for the term?
How did you find out what the theme?
2  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
2  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:
We are the Champions.I ran into school and the theme in the hall.

What did Team 4 in immersion assembly?
What is Team 4 going to learn about this term?
2  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
3  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:

Things we are not supposed to know about. Drugs,advertising and Virus.

What was your highlight?
Or what are you looking forward to most?
1  sentences
MakerBots & Drones
1  sentences
Makeymakeys & Hyperduinos
Write Here:
I am looking forward for cross country.

WALT: group ideas into paragraphs.
WALT: write a recount.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Yum Yum

Paragraph 1   
Introduction: What did you see & think this morning when you came into class?                  
Only 2 sentences:
This morning I walked into class and I saw 2 boxes and signs on the wall I felt strange.So I thot that there were going to be slimey snails and worms in the boxes.
Displaying IMG_2691.JPG
Photo - what you saw in class.
Paragraph 2    
What did you do?                  
Only 2 sentences:
My partner was Lucy she had an bandana and I wrapped it around her face.Then she freaked out that bad in the first box I gave her the .
Displaying IMG_2690.JPGDisplaying IMG_2704.JPG
Photo - what you had to do.

Paragraph 3    
How did it taste?                  
Only 2 sentences:
Then it was my turn I wrapped the bandana around my face so I can’t see.So Lucy grabbed the cup from the second box she gave my the cup and it teasted like chocolate.
Displaying IMG_2710.JPGDisplaying IMG_2689.JPG
Photo - tasting the food.

Paragraph 4    
Conclusion: What was your highlight?                 
Only 1 sentences:

My favorite part was eating chocolate and being blind fooled.
Displaying IMG_2710.JPG

Friday, 10 June 2016

We will he save her

One day earlier in the morning everybody woke up from a loud! voice from a little girl screaming and her name was Lucy she said, '',someone help me'' !!!!!.When Batman woke up he heard Lucy screaming and then Batman spirit fast to get change into his suit to save the day. When he finish wearing his Bat suit he saw Lucy with the evil villain Joker. When the evil villain Joker had Lucy Superman came and saw Batman and flew him up to Joker and flew away.Batman said, ’’,give me Lucy’’ and the Joker said, ’’,hahaha come and get her’’ The Joker push Lucy of the tower then Batman fighted the Joker and Superman came back and save Lucy and Batman Defeated the Joker.Soon Batman slip off the tower and fell.Soon Superman put Lucy down and saw Batman falling and Superman came and save Batman.THE END

Compare and Contrast - Hare & Cat

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is brave,happy, friendly,mysterious,confident and proud of herself and she has black long hair and her Cape Armour is very strong as a rock and the colour is red and blue and she has a shiny gold engel and the stars are white as a cloud and she has strong muscled and she is tall fly and super strength, invulnerability, flight, combat skill, combat strategy, superhuman agility and powerful as a fireball.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 at 10.37.44.png