Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Animal race

8bd1b8b02e9cb633adb1d789dd4588c6.jpgOne day there was a Wonderful Lion and a girl name Christina.They were best friends and they loved playing hide and seek.But after two weeks they went past a Horse and a girl the lion and Christina ran up to them and said ’’Hey what is your name’’said Christina they turned around and said ’’ My name is Hazel and I am very friendly What is your name“ said the girl.’’My name is Christina do you want to be friends’’ said Christina. ’’Yes’’ said the girl.

When they were friends they love having race's.When they loved having race’s they have know idea who is winning.Soon they saw and Easter egg house and they saw a Easter bunny the Easter bunny went close to them and said ’’can I race’’ said the Easter bunny. Yes said the horse. Then they came to the track the we said 3…...2……..1…….GO!!  They ran and ran as fast as they could just like the story of the gingerbread man. When they ran it looked like the Easter bunny was going to win but after the horse beat it then the lion passed both of them then they all passed at the finish line and it looked like a tie Christina took a photo and then it was a tie. They all tried their best and now they are going to look for other animals to race in the 2017.

                                                             THE END

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