Monday, 17 October 2016

The Little Boat

One year ago there were two men’s and they were big brothers. One was Jack and the other brother was Jake they both have the same letter at the start of their name.They were crazy but there family still love them.They lived in tonga then Jack said to his mother, ’’,We are going fish then’’ then there mother said, ’’,ok but be back at sunset’’ so of they went.

When they went fish they they were singing happy songs and even they were singing Row row row your boat for an one day.But then they crash into a rock well a that not that big.Then there look around they stop singing then they heard a sound BANG! A strike of lightning.They were scared they Jack saw a storm than Jake saw a lots of lightning like maybe ten. Then Jack see something in the water then ’’shark’’ he said in a small voice SHARK ATTACK! ahhhhhhhhhhh!.Of they went rowing home super fast for one day.

Soon when they have been rowing all way home they were tired from rowing.Then they jumped up and they were so happy then they celebrated for coming back because there family was so scared because they have been crying and wait for them to come back.  

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