Friday, 10 June 2016

We will he save her

One day earlier in the morning everybody woke up from a loud! voice from a little girl screaming and her name was Lucy she said, '',someone help me'' !!!!!.When Batman woke up he heard Lucy screaming and then Batman spirit fast to get change into his suit to save the day. When he finish wearing his Bat suit he saw Lucy with the evil villain Joker. When the evil villain Joker had Lucy Superman came and saw Batman and flew him up to Joker and flew away.Batman said, ’’,give me Lucy’’ and the Joker said, ’’,hahaha come and get her’’ The Joker push Lucy of the tower then Batman fighted the Joker and Superman came back and save Lucy and Batman Defeated the Joker.Soon Batman slip off the tower and fell.Soon Superman put Lucy down and saw Batman falling and Superman came and save Batman.THE END

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